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Key technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, introduces Key Discovery™. This suite of software solutions transforms Key’s digital sorting systems into IIoT connected devices that collect, analyze and share data when sorting products.

By leveraging data about the sorting process and about each object moving through the sorter, Key Discovery can reveal patterns and trends that improve sorting and help control upstream and downstream processes. Key Discovery provides actionable insights that enable processors to optimize product quality, maximize yield, reduce downtime and minimize labor to increase profitability.

“The Industrial Internet of Things is a reality in the food industry. Key Discovery represents the next generation of our information analysis software solutions. With it, food processors can turn their digital sorters into advanced product and process information hubs,” said Dave Crewe, senior vice president of AIS engineering at Key Technology.

“We are known for our powerful food sorting systems, which generate a greater volume of more accurate customer product data than other sorting devices. Key Discovery leverages this data and helps processors identify actionable opportunities to improve operations.

Key Discovery is available for all Key Technology sorting equipment, including VERYX® digital sorters and EXOS™ ADR automatic defect removal systems, as well as other Key sorting platforms. It provides flexible connectivity to a processor’s business, whether it is an MES or SCADA system, shop floor management software or a PLC network, via a secure infrastructure.

Food processors can use the data provided by Key Discovery for a wide variety of process monitoring and line control purposes, depending on their needs. It audits sorter well-being, validates sorting performance and helps to better manage output.

Key Discovery can also monitor upstream processes to help identify problems and opportunities for improvement, and it can connect the sorter to other upstream and downstream equipment and devices on the line. These features help optimize the use of raw products, improve line performance and reduce the need for human supervision of the sorting process.

Key Discovery’s configurable reports allow processors to understand product lots in terms of quality profile, measure defect rates and presence of foreign matter as well as color, size, shape, structural property and/or or the chemical composition of the product, whether or not the data is used to make sorting decisions. These quality reports can be used to manage producer payment plans or to better understand how different field practices and raw product sources affect the quality of the final product.

Key Discovery can also perform quality control measurements and reports online, eliminating the need for time-consuming testing of small samples of the product population off the production line.

Key Discovery is available on new digital key sorting systems and as a field upgrade on installed key sorters. Every new Key Technology sorting system comes standard with a set of Discovery features that can be further extended and adapted to the requirements of each food processor. For customers whose operation can benefit from advanced process monitoring and control, Key Discovery offers a host of features to optimize line operation.

“We partner with individual processors to understand their product, their operational requirements and how Key Discovery can be leveraged to add the most value. We then tailor their Key Discovery solution accordingly,” Crewe said.

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