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The benefits of a software integration solution for smarter building, fire and security systems with ongoing development and support.

Our annual support contracts provide customers with access to software updates and software enhancements that we continually develop.

—Jason Blundell

KNUTSFORD, CHESHIRE, UK, July 4, 2022 / — In today’s rapidly changing technological world, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest, most efficient and secure operating systems and software. This is particularly critical when the security of your premises and the well-being of your employees and site visitors are at stake.

This is where the benefits of a software integration solution for smarter building, fire and security systems with ongoing development and support makes a real difference. cortech Developments has earned an enviable reputation as an international provider of integrated systems solutions. Market-leading, Cortechs systems and software can display data from separate operational, fire, and building security platforms in a central hub, providing greater visibility, accountability, increased productivity, providing integrated systems and increased flexibility over your management system resources at a low cost of ownership.

Cortech provides state-of-the-art technology like their Data log system to provide full operational flexibility between third-party drivers. Simply put, Datalog is a modular software suite designed to simplify the control and management of otherwise disparate systems in a centralized graphical user interface. In addition to streamlining system operations, Datalog increases situational awareness and accountability while reducing risk and your operational costs.

Most software needs regular updates to add new features, for better usability, as well as to address and fix compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities, and in these aspects Datalog is no different. However, Datalog is continually revised and developed to keep up with changing customer needs, third-party driver updates, and hardware and software architecture changes that occur on a regular basis. This proactive process allows Cortech to keep customers up-to-date and ensure that a customer’s operation is using and benefiting from the latest version of your software through Cortech’s support contract agreement, giving your company the resources to fix problems before they start and providing essential support to update and maintain the software. It’s an ongoing process and service that sets Cortech apart from the crowd and ensures you maintain and get the most out of your investment in Cortech’s Datalog custom software solution technology.

In 2018, a survey of 2,000 UK workers commissioned by IT provider found that 262 hours and 43 minutes are lost each year due to technology faults and failures, the equivalent of almost 11 working days each year. 76% of respondents said that the technical breakdowns they experience directly impact their productivity at work.

Cortech’s ongoing development process, coupled with our advanced support service, not only provides you with the technical expertise via email, phone or remote diagnostics to enable you to resolve Datalog issues quickly and efficiently, but also provides peace of mind and security to system operators.

Jason Blundell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cortech Developments, comments, “All software must be updated continuously to ensure that any potential issues or security vulnerabilities are identified and resolved quickly. It is also important that users get the latest features and functionality. We recommend that customers, whether existing or new to Datalog, sign up for an annual support contract with Cortech to gain access to software updates and software enhancements that we are continually developing. Our advanced support service also provides our friendly technical support service, ensuring the best possible system stability.

Having a valid support contract gives you peace of mind that you have a team of qualified engineers ready to respond whenever you encounter an issue. Having a team that knows your system, your site, the hardware you have and how it is used will allow for much faster troubleshooting. In the unlikely event that a problem does arise that requires further investigation, it is important to mitigate the risk and reduce potential system downtime as much as possible. Cortech’s proactive development processes and advanced support services do that and more.

If you would like to learn more about Cortech and how Datalog and our other advanced software solutions can improve the safety, security and integrity of your site, contact us today by phone at +44(0) 1925 750600 or email [email protected]

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