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Co-builder – Software solutions for construction technologies

Your data is your value – Cobuilder provides state-of-the-art software solutions for construction data management

Cobuilder offers an IT platform that uses all relevant international standards for data management to help construction industry players unlock the potential of product data.

By implementing new era information management practices, Cobuilder strives to digitally transform the construction industry, improve collaboration between all players in the value chain and create a better environment built. By developing and applying data models, it helps construction experts leverage relevant and accurate data to improve the quality of their services as well as reduce time to market, project cost and the environmental footprint.

Cobuilder has over 120 employees based in its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and wholly owned subsidiaries in England, France and Bulgaria.

The company is a major driver of digitization in construction and is a strategic partner of ISO, buildingSMART, CEN and CENELEC and winner of several international innovation awards.

Create a better built environment

More than twenty years ago, Cobuilder set out a bold vision: to create a better built environment. Our focus has not changed since then.

Today, a better built environment means buildings and infrastructure that are sustainable, connected and optimized with smart technologies.

This is only possible if the construction value chain is able to collaborate through high quality data.

At Cobuilder, we implement current and future industry standards for data management in pursuit of this vision.

Quick Fact Sheet

  • Cobuilder facilitates the digitization of more than 5 million construction products as part of its database, maintaining the most up-to-date information which is made available to the entire supply chain via an integrated platform .
  • The company’s solutions are used to manage product and asset data on over 70,000 construction projects across Europe.
  • 20,000 active users use our systems every day.
  • 240,000 automated deliveries of product data and documentation per month.
  • More than 60 software engineering professionals work to develop innovative solutions to meet the construction industry’s needs associated with digital data.

A common digital language for the entire construction industry

Cobuilder applies technologies in one of the least digitized and most energy-intensive and polluting industries to support its sustainable growth.

We focus on building data and data management. We believe that achieving a common and standardized digital language in construction is the way to digitally transform the industry and make it smarter. It enables the adoption of modern digital technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, leading to the automation of manual processes, reduced costs, increased efficiency and a faster transition to construction. net zero.

However, achieving a common digital language in such a complex industry is only possible through the application of standards – the credible knowledge agreed upon by the industry. This is why we have developed a new era software platform that uses all relevant international standards for data management, helping construction players take a crucial step towards the practical execution of their digital transformation strategies. The first step is data standardization.

Our product portfolio

Cobuilder’s integrated platform provides information management solutions for different construction stakeholders – from manufacturers, associations and authorities to contractors and design teams. Our solutions allow users to create, capture and exchange standardized information in the form of digital data.

the Data models The methodology is the backbone of the Cobuilder platform. It provides a common, industry-agreed way to support all players in their digital transformation. A data model is a common data structure describing the characteristics (called “properties”) of a building object and its physical qualities, according to a credible source of information – an international standard or regulation. Structuring building information through data models is the key to establishing a unique “digital language” and data-centric collaboration.

Define data dictionary is a solution for creating, managing, and sharing data models in a common data dictionary framework. Data models are used to communicate information about building elements, materials, products, systems, etc. by digital means, ensuring a seamless exchange of information with any third-party software.

co-builder goBIM helps manufacturers and merchants structure and keep their product data accurate and up-to-date, improve automation within their organization, and access the digital marketplace. Thus, designers, engineers and contractors work with truly valuable and meaningful information.

Co-builder Collaborate is developed to help customers and contractors achieve a new level of collaboration throughout the supply chain. It is a suite of products within the platform that is unique in its collaborative approach to data collection and automated data verification. By using Cobuilder Collaborate, customers and contractors can easily define information requirements, collect data directly from the supply chain, automatically check against initial requirements, and deliver compliant data. reliable execution.

We believe that standardized and accurate data should be shared transparently and readily available. Therefore, we offer API automation services and a variety of plugins to allow organizations to use their data in any software or system of their choice.

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