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Cox Automotive launches suite of synchronized software solutions for dealerships

Cox Automotive has launched a suite of dealership software, aimed at improving the consumer experience by synchronizing marketing, sales, service and operations, boosted by first-party insights from the Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book automotive platforms.

By connecting tools and data insights across different segments of the dealership business, Cox Automotive aims to break down barriers that slow down operations and increase dealership efficiency, profitability and consumer satisfaction.

Dealerships using solutions from multiple platforms, including, VinSolutions, Xtime, and Dealertrack DMS, saw a remarkable increase in business, including 49% more deals closed and $115,000 more revenue per month.

New data-driven smart connections include:

  • and VinSolutions: To provide information for personalized purchases and to identify potential customers willing to make a purchase.
  • Accelerate My Deal and VinSolutions: Ease the deal activity process for customers by managing it entirely on any device.
  • Xtime and Offering smart marketing campaigns and flexible service scheduling.
  • Automotive Marketing Platform: Increased interaction with customers through personalized and automated marketing campaigns.
  • VinSolutions, Xtime and Dealertrack DMS: Minimizes duplication and provides seamless data flow between departments.
  • Cox Automotive Digital Retailing: Delivers an individualized shopping experience for any consumer, any way, any place.

More profit with synchronization

According to the Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey 2021 and 2022 studies, relying on first-party customer data proves to be a good strategy to increase consumer satisfaction, even in times of supply shortages and price spikes.

Cox Automotive says the new connected solutions provide a seamless car buying journey for customers and present a competitive advantage for dealerships by meeting ever-changing market demands.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.