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DataCore Announces Swarm Object Storage Software to Help Manage Petabyte-Scale Data

FT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 13, 2021 — DataCore Software today announced the worldwide availability of DataCore Swarm object storage software. Swarm is now available through hundreds of channel partners worldwide, complementing the company’s industry-leading portfolio of software-defined storage solutions for blocks, files and objects, from a single vendor, with a award-winning customer support.

DataCore Swarm object storage software was designed from the ground up to securely manage billions of files and petabytes of information. It provides a foundation for large-scale data storage, access, and analysis, while ensuring data integrity and eliminating hardware dependencies. Leading companies such as BT, the Department of Defense, Disney Streaming Services, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Argonne National Labs and hundreds of others around the world use Swarm to efficiently manage datasets at fast scaling.

DataCore Swarm can be used for primary storage of media files, including terabyte-sized videos, which can be streamed directly from the object store or sliced ​​to create smaller videos for sharing and collaboration efficient. Applications can also store data such as medical records, backups, or archive data directly in Swarm using an S3-compatible API or standard NFS/SMB file protocols. Cold and hot data from Windows File Server, NetApp, and Dell EMC Isilon can be seamlessly migrated to lower-cost object storage in Swarm with no impact to end users or applications. Plus, advanced metadata and search capabilities make it easy to manage billions of files, while multitenancy makes it ideal for service providers or central IT departments providing storage as a service to business units across the globe. whole world.

“Enterprises are moving towards software-defined storage as customers understand the flexibility, ease of use, and economic advantages this approach brings to the table over more hardware-defined approaches,” said Eric Burgener, vice president of research, Infrastructure Group Systems, Platforms and Technologies at IDC. “Following its acquisition of Caringo, DataCore now offers a complete software-defined storage platform, supporting block, file and object storage, under a simple to license approach. fixed price per terabyte. Many customers may appreciate the value proposition this offers administrators who need to manage all three types of data. »

DataCore Swarm simplifies long-term retention with WORM capabilities and enables high-throughput workloads such as HPC workflows. It brings the benefits of the cloud (hassle-free administration, economy, and scale) to the data center, allowing businesses to have an on-premises solution that functions like a private cloud, at less than half the cost of many cloud alternatives public.

In addition to standard infrastructure management features available in most object storage solutions, Swarm is designed to:

  • Eliminate complexity and streamline deployment with highly efficient software that runs on any combination of commodity hardware
  • Meet most unstructured data workloads with scalable performance thanks to a self-healing and self-managing symmetric architecture
  • Ensure data availability by combining policy-based protection with fast, proactive rebuild and recovery
  • Provide instant access to content through a web portal for administrators and end users that includes search and the ability to customize metadata
  • Easily enable distributed workflows with web-based multi-tenant management, built-in data replication, and backup/disaster recovery to any S3-enabled service or device
  • Scale easily and linearly from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes with little administration
  • Provide intelligent data management for content access, delivery and archiving

DataCore also now offers attractive a la carte pricing for hosted, cloud and managed service providers, as well as new term license options for Swarm. Swarm complements DataCore’s leading software-defined storage portfolio, including vFilO and DataCore SANsymphony software. vFilO is a next-generation global file system for distributed sites and hybrid clouds designed to help enterprises organize, optimize and control large volumes of data. SANsymphony offers the benefits of hardware independence, flexibility, availability, performance, efficiency, and cost savings for block-based storage.

About DataCore

DataCore Software provides flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file, and object storage, helping more than 10,000 customers worldwide modernize the way they store, protect, and access to data. The company’s comprehensive product line, intellectual property portfolio, and unparalleled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services position DataCore as the authority on software-defined storage.

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