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Dell Technologies continues to deliver breakthrough storage software innovations to customers with the availability of the latest Dell Unity XT Operating Environment (OE) 5.2.

This software release offers several mission-critical storage technologies designed to simplify the way users manage capacity expansion, recover data faster, extend disaster recovery topologies, increase storage utilization, and scale more efficiently. cost-effective Unity XT systems while reducing CAPEX/OPEX.

Equally important, version 5.2 brings feature/function parity to Unity XT Hybrid Flash and All-Flash arrays. The new features, which also apply in part to Unity XT AFAs, target the continued market relevance of HFAs as a compelling storage solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) with general-purpose workloads that do not need the speed and low latency. All Flash/NVMe architectures.

With Unity XT HFAs, these workloads benefit greatly from how Unity XT balances flash performance with disk economics without compromising availability, affordability, or features, including multi-cloud interoperability. For good workloads, Unity XT HFAs offer practical and cost-effective advantages over (and sometimes in conjunction with) AFAs.

OE 5.2 will immediately impact 80,0001+ Dell Unity and Unity XT systems installed worldwide with significant software enhancements allowing users to:

  • Perform in-place data controller online upgrades2 when more performance, capacity and system limits are needed, ensure that their initial investment is protected
  • Support for new synchronous file replication configurations with deployment and cascading topologies improving disaster recovery operations for the enterprise
  • Improve system efficiency with dynamic pool and inline data reduction software for hybrid and all-flash pools on Unity XT HFAs

Hybrid flash arrays remain a go-to storage solution for many businesses. IT managers with a good understanding of their latency requirements can deploy lower-cost solutions such as Unity XT HFAs to meet the needs of the general-purpose workloads that run their organization. With effective workload assessment, organizations can potentially significantly reduce their storage infrastructure costs without compromising performance, availability, and functionality, while benefiting from a significantly more aggressive TCO profile.

“In a relatively short time, using Dell Unity XT storage, we saw a 25% increase in hybrid flash array performance based on the workloads we are running compared to the previous generation of Dell Unity x50 models. . All of Unity XT’s performance and efficiency features will definitely help NC State reduce IT investments and operational expenses. Jeremy Meeler, Programmer/Systems Specialist, North Carolina State University

According to IDC, the HFA market is expected to grow at 5.1% CAGR through 20253 due to economy, flexibility and familiarity with management, the main reasons why customers are still buying HFAs. Unity XT 5.2 is well positioned to take advantage of this growth and presents a clear choice for global customers and channel partners looking for an all-inclusive hybrid flash array solution.

Additionally, Unity XT HFA customers have access to many features of the Dell storage ecosystem, including:

Unity XT customers also benefit from Dell Technologies services to help them overcome barriers and navigate digital transformations. Dell Technologies services help customers discover true organizational agility by identifying goals, measuring progress, streamlining costs and accelerating innovation.

Most important to Dell is to consistently deliver industry-leading software features to customers that deliver greater agility to facilitate a seamless digital transformation process and stay competitive. Dell Unity XT has certainly lived up to that mission since its inception with world-class software innovation helping customers confidently achieve and exceed their expected results.

Unity XT OE 5.2 is now available for download by existing customers. With valid configurations starting at $10,000, customers can order new Unity XT HFA systems with OE 5.2.

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