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Dell adds 500 new storage software features to portfolio – Finance – Servers & Storage

Dell Technologies introduced no less than 500 new software enhancements to its storage products, including its midrange PowerStore solution, which will now include cyber resiliency and multi-cloud flexibility.

Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex software updates aim to boost storage automation, data mobility, business intelligence and security across cloud, on-premises and edge environments at no additional cost to existing customers .

Jeff Clarke, vice president and co-chief operating officer of Dell, said channel partners have a huge opportunity to compete for net new storage gains from software enhancements built into leading storage products.

“We’re bringing together multi-cloud and enterprise data storage services to really provide the ability to pool storage resources, to allow our partners to participate in this ecosystem,” Clarke said in response to CRN. US during a session at Dell Technologies. World 2022. “If you really want to seize the real opportunity, we have around 30% market share. That means 70% is not on Dell storage. Thus, our network of partners can help us access the remaining 70% of the storage market with differentiated products and the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry. »

With the changes, Dell said enterprises will be able to better support and secure workloads with file-level retention, the ability to replicate files natively across the environment, as well as the support for third-party file monitoring and ransomware protection.

Rick Gouin, chief technology officer at Dell partner Winslow Technology Group, said he was excited about the improvements to PowerStore, in particular, which is his company’s best-selling storage solution.

“These days, an increasing number of our customers expect solutions with multiple active data centers,” Gouin said. “So the replication and MetroSync enhancements they announced for PowerStore in particular are going to allow us to deliver these super resilient, highly redundant, highly available type solutions to our customers.”

New Storage Software Enhancements from Dell

With the new enhancements, Dell’s mid-range PowerStore product will deliver up to 50% performance increase for mixed workloads and up to 66% more capacity. In just “five clicks,” customers can plan business continuity strategies with software-only, high-availability metropolitan replication, Dell said.

“We have a number of customers today who are operating in an active data center type environment, and we kind of saw the lack of good native MetroSync capabilities in PowerStore as a shortcoming,” Gouin said. “We’re really excited to see the replication of MetroSync’s capabilities come to fruition.”

Dell’s PowerMax line of secure, business-critical storage adds Cyber ​​Vaults for mainframe deployments, CloudIQ for early detection of cyberattacks, including ransomware, and a new Data Reduction Guarantee 4 to 1.

Dell PowerFlex software-defined storage infrastructure can now support legacy and modern workloads and consolidate them using a new file service that enables unified block and file capabilities on a single platform -form. PowerFlex streamlines multi-cloud as well as DevOps by supporting file and block support for all container orchestration platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware.

“We offer major software innovations in our portfolio to help customers get the most out of their data and resources,” Clarke said.

Dell Technologies World runs from May 1 through May 4.

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