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Digitization of the Safety Lifecycle Enabled by HIMA & Mangan Software Solutions Partnership (Press Release) | life news

When we talk about “security”, we usually think of siren, anti-fire, anti-theft.

However, there is one place that needs a constant security measure to be kept at a high level, and that is manufacturing site security. It is about the lives of workers and the security of supplies.

As the technology implies, the process industry is also adapting heavy automation into security measures, but this requires seamless collaboration between hardware and software.

So now the leaders in security hardware and software, located in Germany and the United States respectively, have started working together. This is great news for the entire process industry! As he claims in a recently released press release:

The global leader in safety-related automation solutions – HIMA, announces a global partnership with Mangan Software Solutions (MSS), a leading provider of functional safety lifecycle management software. Powered by Mangan’s Safety Lifecycle Manager® (SLM®) software, HIMA offers a TÜV-certified cloud platform that enables digitization of the entire functional safety lifecycle.

(left to right) Jörg de la Motte (CEO at HIMA), Ronak Patel (MSS Vice President for Sales and Marketing), Steve Whiteside (MSS President) andHIMA

“We are particularly privileged to partner with Mangan Software Solutions (MSS), whose scanning solution closes the loop on security lifecycle management. Our customers will now have the data to prove they are reducing risk by the right amount for the minimum capital and operating costs, and will receive actionable insights to optimize how they manage functional safety within their process. I am convinced that through this partnership, the collaboration between HIMA and MSS will help to optimize safety in the process industry worldwide, both within HIMA’s installed base and for our new customers,” says Jörg de la Motte, CEO of HIMA.

Process safety and functional safety are not limited to hardware, software, tests and metrics. Taking a holistic approach and instilling a culture of safety requires a complete end-to-end system. This includes digitized lifecycle management, from initial risk analysis through operation and maintenance to final dismantling.

Powered by the Safety Lifecycle Manager® (SLM®), HIMA offers a global digitalized safety management solution. Safety data, generated at all stages of the functional safety lifecycle, by disparate systems, is brought together in a relational platform. This allows the customer to optimize the safety performance of a plant, entire facility or enterprise, while being able to demonstrate verifiable and ongoing compliance with relevant functional safety standards.

This new solution will address customer needs and concerns by providing key performance indicators and reports, providing unprecedented visibility and assurance that process risk controls are effectively managed before an incident occurs.

“The combined team of HIMA experts and the best SLM® platform will transform the process and functional safety market,” said Steve Whiteside, president of MSS. “We are proud to be a key part of HIMA’s lifecycle services and lifecycle management solution, which will form the basis of digitalization-related security strategies for many organizations around the world.

About HIMA

HIMA Group is the world’s leading independent provider of safety-related automation solutions for the process and rail industries to protect people, the environment and assets. Founded in 1908 and based in Germany, the family-owned company has approximately 800 employees and operates from more than 50 locations worldwide.

Solutions for the process industry

HIMA solutions increase functional safety, enhance automation safety and increase plant profitability. For more than 50 years, HIMA has been a trusted partner for the world’s leading companies in the process industry (including chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas and energy companies). With more than 40,000 TÜV-certified (SIL 3 and SIL 4) safety systems installed worldwide, HIMA qualifies as a technology leader in this sector. As a safety expert, HIMA provides safety technology as well as consulting, engineering, services and training to best support customers throughout the safety lifecycle. The world’s first scalable platform with integrated automation safety, HIMA’s Intelligent Safety Platform enables a wide range of systems on a single technology base, from small solutions to highly complex applications. Independent security controllers are physically separated and use open standards. Users can thus combine the most appropriate security solution with any leading BPCS (Basic Process Control System). Typical safety applications include emergency shutdown (ESD), burner control (BCS/BMS), turbo machinery control (TMC), pipeline management control with leak detection (PMC), fire and gas (F&G) and high integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS), submarines and tank farms.

Solutions for the railway industry

With the world’s first CENELEC SIL 4 certified programmable safety controller, HIMA has revolutionized the railway industry. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products are open safety controllers that provide end users and integrators with independence, flexibility, and cost savings, and can be easily integrated and maintained in a wide variety of solutions . As a central element, HIMA systems provide functional safety and IT security in applications such as level crossings, interlockings and rolling stock.

About Mangan Software Solutions (MSS)

MSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mangan, Inc. that leverages technology and software services to standardize and automate business processes in the energy industry. Based in Houston, with offices in Atlanta and London, MSS engineers and developers are experts in the fields of safety lifecycle management and safety instrumented systems. .

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