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ECI Software Solutions Acquires Data Inventions and Lojic for their Machine and Business Intelligence Platforms for Manufacturers

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced that it has acquired Data Inventions, Inc. and Lojic LLC. Data Inventions, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, is the creator of an innovative data connectivity and manufacturing intelligence platform called Alora; Based in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Lojic is the creator of a customizable data visualization and analytics solution that helps manufacturers create and display real-time actionable insights across operations.

Together, Alora and Lojic connect and analyze data from enterprise ERP systems and a variety of shop floor data sources and visualize production performance in real time. Empowering operators, teams, and management with actionable insights dramatically improves operational performance in weeks. Quick wins create excitement and a clear ROI sets the stage for sustainable, data-driven improvements. Alora immediately integrates with ECI’s JobBOSS, JobBOSS2, M1 and Macola ERP, while Lojic integrates with ECI’s JobBOSS. ECI customers can take full advantage of the benefits of Alora and Lojic with lightweight implementation, training, and support that helps guide their teams to success. To help accelerate adoption and increase customer value, ECI plans to invest in Alora and Lojic solutions, as well as continued industry and customer thought leadership, such as market education and strategies. of customer success.

“Manufacturers are just beginning to learn how valuable data-driven business intelligence can be to their operations, and we believe the combination of Data Inventions’ Alora and Lojic manufacturing intelligence platforms has the power to become pervasive in the industry,” said Trevor Gruenewald, CEO, ICE. “Through our product integrations, we’ve seen first-hand how manufacturers can benefit from a more complete view of operations and a higher level of business intelligence. We are excited to bring Alora and Lojic to our product portfolio and enable widespread adoption.

“Manufacturers today need to leverage all of their data assets and resources to stay competitive and reach their full growth potential,” said Duane Clement, Founder and CEO of Data Inventions. “With ECI, we are leading the next wave of manufacturing innovation by giving manufacturers and their employees the insights and actionable tools they need to be more successful.”

“I’ve always said Lojic’s greatest strength is our understanding of the importance of data and how software systems can help improve and analyze it,” said Chris Smith, president of Lojic. “ECI shares this same perspective which has led to a fantastic partnership over the years. Taking the next step with ECI will allow us to share this message with more manufacturers who have only scratched the surface of business intelligence and analytics.

The deal was completed on August 5; terms were not disclosed. To learn more about ECI’s comprehensive suite of manufacturing solutions, visit:

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