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Kaiko and Hanseaticsoft integrate software solutions – Digital Ship

Hanseaticsoft, part of Lloyd’s Register’s Maritime Performance Services division, and Kaiko Systems, a provider of a data collection and analysis tool, have announced that they will integrate their systems to facilitate technical management and increase collaboration between ships and shore personnel.

Hanseaticsoft offers a cloud-based management system for transportation and ship management companies, Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM). The system offers more than 40 different modules to improve efficiency in different departments of a company.

Kaiko Systems has developed an intelligent and user-friendly on-board technical management tool. This solution transforms the manual parts of technical operations into verified information. Its first mobile tool asks teams to perform technical tasks such as inspections and maintenance while collecting data in the field. The system then verifies the reliability of the data and breaks it down into actionable information that helps shore crews optimize maintenance plans.

The objective of this partnership is to enable safer, smarter and more collaborative technical management. This enhanced integration between Kaiko Systems and CFM’s Disturbance Report module will significantly reduce the time teams spend on double entry and office work. This, meanwhile, allows technical teams to reduce the effort they spend on the day-to-day administrative work of querying and restructuring data, so they can focus on leveraging their expertise in analyzing data. data and maintenance arrangement.

“Data plausibility checks are essential for reliable technical management,” said Fabian Fussek, co-founder and CEO of Kaiko Systems. Noting that stricter regulations have not resulted in more reliable data, but have made seafarers’ tasks more burdensome. “Kaiko Systems makes it easier for globally distributed ship’s crews to fulfill their reporting obligations and escalate issues. The combination of Kaiko Systems and Cloud Fleet Manager is a significant step towards bringing a standardized and verified data set at scale to the maritime industry.

“Standardization is the fastest way to make data work,” said Alexander Buchmann, CEO of Hanseaticsoft, “Kaiko Systems ensures that data is highly structured. Its mobile app guides sailors through manual operations and data collection. of data while automatically performing plausibility checks. In addition to that, the compression technology enables fast data transfer, even with a limited internet connection. This improves collaboration between ship and shore. We expect from our partnership that it brings efficiencies to technical services, dramatically improved data quality and more proactive operations from day one.