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Multiverse Computing partners with Xanadu to provide quantum software solutions for finance

TORONTO and SAN SEBASTIÁN, Spain, February 2, 2022 — Multiverse Computing, a leader in quantum computing for the financial industry, and Xanadu, a full-stack photonic quantum computing company, today announced a joint partnership to extend Multiverse’s use of Xanadu’s open-source software, PennyLane.

The partnership will enable Multiverse’s financial services customers to develop applications faster and easier. These applications will improve financial and banking intelligence in areas ranging from risk modeling to market forecasting.

Led by Xanadu’s team of world-renowned scientists and developers, PennyLane has built a large and passionate following since its initial release three years ago. PennyLane connects the most popular quantum computing platforms to the best machine learning tools using a device-agnostic and open-source approach, allowing users to train quantum computers similar to neural networks .

“With PennyLane at the heart of Multiverse’s product suite, our financial services customers will have access to quantum programming tools and best practices, backed by one of the world’s largest open source quantum communities,” said Samuel Mugel, CTO of Multiverse Computing. “We view PennyLane as a critical tool to validate our product efforts, enhancing our ability to test and rapidly deploy new quantum capabilities to our financial user community.”

“We continue to see wider adoption of PennyLane with innovative startups like Multiverse. Xanadu’s open source software is a great way to accelerate development and reduce time to market for new quantum products,” said said Rafal Janik, product manager at Xanadu, “The collective knowledge of Multiverse scientists and their customers provides feedback that benefits the wider open source community and improves PennyLane.”

About Xanadu

Xanadu is a Canadian quantum technology company whose mission is to build quantum computers that are useful and available around the world. Founded in 2016, Xanadu has become one of the world’s leading quantum hardware and software companies. The company also leads the development of PennyLane, an open source software library for quantum computing and application development. Visit

About Penny Lane

PennyLane is an open source software framework for quantum machine learning, quantum chemistry, and quantum computing built around the concept of quantum differentiable programming. It seamlessly integrates classical machine learning libraries with quantum hardware and simulators, giving users the power to train quantum computers similar to neural networks.

To learn more, visit the PennyLane website (, or check out the Practical Quantum Machine Learning Content Gallery (

About Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing is a leading quantum software company that applies quantum and quantum-inspired solutions to solve complex problems in finance to create value today and enable a more resilient and prosperous economy. The company’s expertise in quantum control and computational methods as well as finance enables it to achieve optimal results from today’s quantum devices. Its flagship product, Singularity, enables finance professionals to leverage quantum computing with common software tools. The company is headquartered in San Sebastian, Spain, with offices in Toronto, Canada and Paris.

Source: Multiverse Computing