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OWC to Showcase Latest Storage, Connectivity and Software Solutions for Video Production Professionals at Cine Gear 2022 in Los Angeles

WOODSTOCK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OWC®, a leading creator of innovative, customer-focused solutions for over 30 years that have enabled individuals, businesses, content professionals and educators to get the most out of their technology investment, today introduced its itinerary for Cine Gear Expo, to be held in Los Angeles on June 9-12, 2022, at the Los Angeles Convention Center at LA Live.

OWC’s goal is to eliminate much of the infrastructure technology so that creative professionals can focus on that creativity. OWC is excited to introduce several innovative new storage system upgrades that deliver blazing transfer speeds and unmatched reliability for creative professionals with storage-intensive workflows. For those present Cine Gear Expo, visit booth 443 to see all of these solutions in addition to existing award-winning docking stations, hubs and basic software.

Jellyfish Mobile

Known worldwide as the go-to portable NAS for video teams, Jellyfish Mobile is your plug-and-play, easy-to-use best friend for your small in-house or on-the-go content team. The Jellyfish Mobile is a complete game changer for your team’s video workflow. Without IT, you can easily connect to 14 10G or 1G video editors and stream them at up to 2300MB/s real video speed.

OWC Flex 1U4

The OWC Flex 1U4 is a highly flexible, professional-grade 4-bay Thunderbolt storage and docking solution for achieving powerful new rackmount workflow possibilities. Use a combination of 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA/SAS and U.2/M.2 NVMe drives in the hot-swappable drive bays. Connect hardware and charge mobile devices with Thunderbolt and USB ports. Add audio/video capture, 10Gb Ethernet network, SSD storage, hardware RAID card or I/O card to the PCIe slot.

Copy That for Mac

Copy That for Mac works with RED, Blackmagic, ARRI cameras and other storage media. Verifies copies with multiple checksum options including XXHash-64, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 256, SHA-2 512. Create detailed copy reports in multiple formats including MHL, PDF , TXT and CVS, including copy information and thumbnails to quickly locate shots. With Copy That for Mac, you can copy to one or more destinations and even create presets to automate the copy process. Handy Job Archive keeps track of completed copies.

OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock

The OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock was explicitly designed for professional video, audio and photography workflows that require the ultimate combination of the fastest docking connections available. Send audio volumes in real time with AVB 10Gb/s Ethernet. Ingest RAW photos at up to 1630MB/s with CFexpress and SD card readers. Transfer a day’s 4K video footage up to 90% faster. View projects in greater detail with an 8K display. Get the most out of your peripherals and keep everything tidy with four 10Gb/s USB ports. When you need the best to look your best, the OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock is there for you.

OWC Atlas Pro™ and Atlas Pro™ Ultra

OWC Atlas Pro and Atlas Pro™ Ultra CFexpress Type B memory cards are rugged, and OWC Beyond Fast™ with peak speeds of up to 1791MB/s. The Atlas Pro Ultra is ready for fast burst mode and high-resolution 8K video capture with supported 1533MB/s (640GB) or 1667MB/s (320GB) write speed. They’re ideal for professional photographers, videographers and content creators who need to confidently capture every crucial moment at one-off events like sports, weddings and concerts.

OWC Atlas S Pro™

OWC flash storage solutions undergo intensive performance testing so creative professionals can rely on real-world speeds in their workflows. The honest list of Atlas S Pro cards for reliable performance up to 276MB/s write and 290MB/s read defines our commitment to the “OWC difference”, ensuring that you will be completely satisfied that these SD cards UHS-II V90 will deliver the performance. you rely on.


The OWC Atlas FXR is the smallest Thunderbolt CFexpress card reader, similar to a debit card. It lets you transfer video footage and photos on location, in the studio, or in the editing suite to virtually any computer or tablet equipped with a Thunderbolt or USB port at speeds over 1500MB/s. 7 times smaller than other Thunderbolt CFX drives, the bus-powered Atlas FXR fits easily into the smallest camera bag, allowing you to pack more accessories to help you capture incredible content.

OWC Mercury Pro LTO

This easily integrated tape backup and archive solution is an essential requirement for protecting and preserving large volumes of data for longer periods of time with the familiar drag-and-drop operation and better economies of scale than tape storage. disk. The OWC Mercury Pro LTO is the answer to this challenge. Rugged and small with an integrated handle, the Mercury Pro LTO can go on set or move between computers in the studio, department or office for a shared data protection solution. Configurable by adding up to a 16TB SSD in the universal 2.5/3.5 inch drive expansion bay. Expansive uses the second Thunderbolt 33 port to add up to five additional Thunderbolt devices, or your choice of a USB-C or DisplayPort device. See more with DisplayPort 1.4 for connecting to an 8K display. Charge while you work 85W laptop charging. Available in LTO 7, 8 and 9 configurations.

Price and availability

  • Jellyfish by OWC is now available on

  • OWC Flex 1U4 is now available on for $1899.00

  • OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock is coming soon on Macsales.comfrom $399.00

  • OWC Copy That for Mac is currently available for download as public beta

  • OWC Mercury Pro LTO is now available on Macsales.comfrom $4699.00

  • The OWC Atlas S Pro™ UHS-II V90 SD Media Card is now available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities on Macsales.comfrom $39.00

  • OWC Atlas Pro™ CFexpress is now available on in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities starting at $349.00

  • OWC Atlas Pro Ultra™ CFexpress is now available at in 320GB and 640GB capacities starting at $399.00

  • The OWC Atlas FXR will be available in the third quarter of 2022

  • OWC Envoy Pro SX is now available in 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities on, from $179.00 with new 4TB $899.00

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