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RPM Global acquires a copy of the Eden Suite software

RPMGlobal (RPM) has entered into an agreement with Eden Suite Pty Ltd to acquire a copy of their environmental data management and reporting software, Eden Suite.

This acquisition gives RPM exclusive worldwide rights to the intellectual property of the Eden Suite software for use in the mining and quarrying industries, as well as the ability to expand and integrate the use of the software into the suite of software products. of RPMs.

This latest announcement follows RPM’s recent acquisitions of two leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) consulting and advisory firms. This acquisition is strategically significant for RPM as it will be the first software solution within an all-new sustainability vertical in the technology division.

Richard Mathews, CEO of RPMGlobal, said: “RPM’s ESG advisory and consulting division has an enviable ESG reputation and the establishment of a dedicated technology vertical focused on ESG technology will further strengthen his references.

“RPM already integrates many ESG features into its software products to address topics such as emissions simulation, disturbance planning/reporting and avoidance zoning. This strategic acquisition provides RPM’s mining clients with a proven ESG-focused solution that has been purpose-built and tailored for the sole purpose of supporting users with their environmental management and reporting requirements.

Eden Suite has supported carbon management for nearly a decade and was originally developed to capture the fundamental mechanics of annual emissions reporting. This capability can also be applied to annual National Pollutant Inventories (NPIs) and other regulatory requirements for reporting greenhouse gas emissions. It does this by streamlining usage capture for anything that creates an output for an organization. Emission source uses can be entered manually or automatically integrated through direct data links.

The solution was designed to enable organizations to proactively track, forecast and report their emissions. One of the main challenges that miners face in emissions reporting is that of data capture, which is an essential part of the regulatory reporting framework. Eden Suite is configured to reflect the functioning of an organization. Data is captured in a way that allows for auditability and transparency, ensuring that important carbon information is calculated and reported accurately.

“RPM’s emissions management solution will be entirely web-based, delivered in the cloud, and configured to mirror the organization’s asset hierarchy. Inputs are then measured by vehicle, fleet or at an individual asset level, allowing for granular reporting and flexibility of changes, which is important for historical and auditable reporting.

Mathews continued: “Mining organizations are required to undertake an increasing amount of time-sensitive statutory reporting for ESG and this can no longer be reliably delivered through the use of Excel spreadsheets. With the RPM emissions management software solution, a site or entire organization can generate annualized emissions submissions that can be summarized into daily emissions trends by activity or even source. Having a solution with real-time data capture allows mining customers to proactively monitor and manage their progress in Scope 1, 2 and 3 inventories.”

Eden Suite CEO Peter Robertson concluded, “RPM is uniquely positioned within the mining industry to drive the growth of this software solution in this market. RPM is a leader in the consulting and mining consulting industry and has a proven track record in technology development and integration. We are delighted to have such a strong partnership with such a respected and progressive company.

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