Software solutions

SeeByte continues to provide software solutions for Belgian Navy AUVs

The Belgian Navy has renewed the license from software company SeeByte to continue providing solutions for autonomous underwater vehicles (UAVs).

The contract involves the supply of the most recent version of the company’s multi-domain control system called SeeTrack v4 and automatic target recognition system.

SeeTrack v4 and automatic target recognition

SeeTrack v4 is a multi-domain control system which helps operators perform quick on-site analysis. It is installed in large unmanned systems for real-time data collection, calculation of previous events and generation of reports during security missions in the air, ports and ports.

SeeTrack v4’s open architecture is “easily tailored to meet specific operational needs, as evidenced by its use by more than 20 navies worldwide”, and is already part of security operations and science experiments at home. internationally, according to the firm.

Automatic target recognition is a support tool used for post-mission analysis to provide operators with accurate information on mines and similar objects. It is powered by a machine learning algorithm that generates fast results by analyzing terrain complexities, new target types and mission reviews.

Support and training

The contract includes operational support and SeeTrack v4 capability training for Belgian Navy students and in-service operators.

The agreement will maintain operational control and situational awareness programs, including mine countermeasures missions that use software to read data from advanced sensors that assist operators of unmanned marine units.

Both systems are also commonly used at EGUERMIN, the Belgian-Dutch naval mine warfare school.

“As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are delighted to continue our support for the Belgian Navy and the NATO Mine Warfare School,” said SeeByte’s Chief Commercial Officer. Alastair Cormack.