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SP4C3 Launches AI Cloud Computing and Distributed Storage Software

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2021 / A revolutionary new infrastructure with AI cloud computing and distributed storage, SP4C3, is launched. The goal of this new software is to expand the Ethereum ecosystem and support financial and non-financial applications.

The idea was born from the fact that there is currently a strong demand for a storage offer capable of meeting the needs of applications with AI cloud computing. This is due to the fact that today a large number of resources and computing power are wasted blindly chasing the price of computing power in the secondary market, as well as frantically competing for the reserve of material equipment.

These issues make it much more difficult to build financial and non-financial applications such as decentralized social media, people identification and authentication, public safety. Members of the Ethereum network need a solution.

“From the global outbreak of COVID-19 to today, the pandemic has changed the way many businesses and organizations do business. Many employees are still working from home, and many businesses have gradually transitioned from offline mode to online mode. People used to solve various things through the network before, it has changed our way of life. In the near future, we will see more blockchain projects that combine AI projects such as SP4C3. This will also allow users to use advanced blockchain technology at a lower cost and help more blockchain AI-related projects find more reliable ways to land quickly.” – says Eimantas Tomkevicius, CEO of SP4C3.

Tomkevicius points out that SP4C3 uses Ethereum as the underlying information data transmission protocol and combines the distributed storage hardware cluster with the cloud computing power of AI. This makes it possible to deploy different algorithms according to different types of applications and to train libraries of algorithms to meet different industry needs.

A good example of how SP4C3 can be used is specific financial authorizations and authentications. Prior to the pandemic, many financial institution employees were unable to perform some of the special authorizations from their workplace. They had to get customer information and data through video collection on PC or mobile device, and customers had to complete the process with their own mobile banking app, which was not possible and secure to do from home. With AI algorithms, this can be solved by collecting comprehensive analysis of video data, including face and voice recognition, intelligent dialogue system and others. Then, these data are checked and cross-referenced.

“All of this requires a lot of data storage and AI cloud computing power to process highly encrypted data. At SP4C3, we provide a private cloud solution in the distributed storage of the financial system,” says Eimantas Tomkevicius.

Another example of SP4C3 application is facial recognition systems in airports combined with behavioral algorithms to solve the main problem of counter-terrorism activities or missing person systems “Child Alert” and “Amber Alert”.

Currently, the number of cameras in the world is increasing every day, but many countries still use a lot of manpower to process video media by constantly reviewing them. The combination of AI algorithms and computing power can greatly improve the efficiency of it. Through structured video processing and cloud data information, it can automatically detect, identify and analyze personal information of specific objects. The corresponding algorithms, when adopted in scientific research projects, greatly reduce the use of compute-intensive costs and entry requirements.

“As a result, collecting public cloud and AI computing power, which we provide, can provide storage and AI computing power support for the system, whether it is a management node and of cluster computing power, or a single unit computing power,” says Eimantas Tomkevicius. “This is a very interesting and reliable case. future that combine AI cloud service systems, so as to better drive the development of the global AI industry and related industrial applications.

About SP4C3

SP4C3 is a Swiss-based company specializing in distributed storage and AI cloud computing systems on Ethereum Network.

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