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SPYR Inc. (SPYR), a subsidiary of Applied Magix providing smart hardware and software solutions to underserved Apple consumers

  • SPYR Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Applied Magix, develops and resells products compatible with the Apple ecosystem
  • Applied Magix enabled SPYR to enter the rapidly growing smart home and smart car markets
  • SPYR offers a wide range of products such as MagixDrive, a secure video camera with iCloud storage, MagixBlock USB DataBlocker, MagixCharge Dual USB-C Car Charger, and more
  • With these products, SPYR is targeting loyal Apple consumers, who have a limited selection of HomeKit-enabled products to choose from.

As the smart home and smart car markets heat up, attracting a lot of interest from consumers and manufacturers, they have attracted both established tech giants including Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC)and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)as well as growing technology companies such as SPYR (OTCQB:SPYR).

According to a recent editorial article entitled “Smarter Homes, Smarter Cars, Smarter People”, SPYR, through its strategically acquired wholly-owned subsidiary, Applied Magix Inc., specifically focuses its attention on providing hardware products and intelligent software for the general public of Apple. loyal consumers ( In doing so, the company offers a solution to a problem that has seen Apple fall behind rivals such as Google and Amazon with its relatively limited portfolio of HomeKit-enabled products. HomeKit is Apple’s software framework – similar to Google Home (Google Assistant) and Amazon Alexa – that allows iOS and iPadOS devices to connect and control smart home devices.

Applied Magix, a registered Apple developer and reseller of products compatible with the Apple ecosystem acquired in 2020, enabled SPYR to selectively target Apple consumers, who are known to be extremely passionate about the brand as well as their desire to pay extra for quality from Apple. products and seamless closed ecosystem integration. According to the latest statistics, this ecosystem includes 1.8 billion active iPhones, up from 1.65 billion active iPhones in January 2021 (

The subsidiary’s first product, the MagixDrive, is an adapter that creates a wireless experience allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of CarPlay, such as streaming services, Siri voice commands, navigation, apps, etc. ., without having to connect their phone to a cable.

“This is a golden opportunity for Applied Magix to become the vanguard of Apple users, gain market share and build loyalty,” the editorial read. And to further improve those odds, Applied Magix is ​​actively marketing MagixDrive through a sales campaign, the release schedule of which was expanded in February to increase the product’s reach and visibility (

In addition to MagixDrive, Applied Magix also offers additional products including Secure Video Camera with iCloud Storage, MagixBlock USB DataBlocker, MagixCharge Dual USB-C Car Charger, and more (see below for a full list).

With these products, SPYR and Applied Magix are targeting several multi-billion dollar markets that are expected to continue to grow in the future. For example, Grand View Research predicts that the global smart home security camera market will grow at a CAGR of 15.7%, reaching $11.89 billion by 2027 ( Similarly, Allied Market Research forecasts the global connected car market to reach $225.16 billion by 2027, from $63.03 billion in 2019, representing a CAGR of 17.1% (

“The leadership of SPYR and Applied Magix, including a newly formed advisory board, is initially targeting Apple consumers in North America and Europe, in other words, those with the greatest profit potential, which should translate into business value. To reach these consumers, Applied Magix relies on strong relationships with third-party distributors and influences from Apple consumer products,” the editorial read.

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