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The 11 Best Retail CRM Software Solutions to Consider in 2021

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled a list of some of the best retail CRM software solutions in 2021 for businesses looking to improve the way they convert, retain and delight customers.

With the right retail CRM software, businesses can improve the way they manage their customers, respond to queries, build brand loyalty, encourage repeat customers, drive marketing campaigns, and generally maximize customer satisfaction. However, selecting the right retail CRM software solution can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially as retail businesses, whether digital or physical, are constantly adapting to changing times. changing market and customer demands.

To make your search easier, our editors have profiled some of the best retail CRM software solutions to consider in 2021. The list has been organized alphabetically for convenience.

Best Retail CRM Software Solutions

Auro CRM - logo

Auro-CRM is an open-source platform equipped with sales, marketing, reporting, and customer 360 features. The company’s retail-specific features are designed to help businesses better understand their customers and connect with them in a way that encourages repeat sales. Characteristics include centralized order management, business intelligence, built-in analytics, real-time reporting, financial management, customizable user interfaces, social media integrations, customer targeting, and more.

Bitrix24 is an enterprise software provider focused on equipping businesses of various sizes with the tools they need to succeed. The company’s CRM platform includes features specifically developed to help retailers create personalized shopping experiences, increase brand loyalty, increase sales and improve conversions. These features include omnichannel customer service, website builders, lead tracking, web forms, marketing automation, and sales analytics.

Creation - logo

Creation‘s low-code CRM and process management platform is designed to help midsize and large businesses improve their sales, marketing, service, and operations capabilities. The company’s retail-specific services provide users with a single view of customers that encompasses all of their purchase histories across all channels, making it easier to develop effective marketing campaigns. Other features include marketing automation, customer data management, rewards program management, and more.

freshworks provides enterprise software solutions designed to be ready to use “out of the box”. For example, the company’s CRM platform is equipped with the tools retailers need to identify loyal customers, improve engagement, personalize the shopping experience and unify customer data. Freshworks’ retail CRM offering can also integrate with Freshdesk, a customer support platform that will help businesses deliver a holistic shopping experience to customers.

Capture the CRM provides startups and enterprises across all industries with CRM and SaaS cloud-based customer support automation platforms. With Kapture’s retail CRM system, companies can optimize the management of their distribution network thanks to a connected mobility CRM platform. Kapture’s Retail Management CRM includes Segmented Marketing, Labor Management, Inventory Management, Payments & Invoices, Customer Support, Order Processing, Sales Analytics customers, business reports, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 The product suite covers everything from customer data to supply chain management to human resources and more. One of its offerings is Dynamics 365 Commerce, a platform for digital and physical retailers that can help them deliver unified and customizable shopping experiences to their customers and partners. Users can use Dynamics 365 to connect digital, in-store, and back-office operations into a single commerce platform with built-in tools for a 360-degree customer view, artificial intelligence, order management, etc

NetSuite can provide retail businesses with a cloud-based commerce platform optimized for web, mobile, in-store and call center channels. The platform includes in-store point of sale, e-commerce, marketing, order management, business intelligence, inventory and supplier management, and finance. NetSuite’s retail solutions can be used in a variety of settings, but the company offers specialized solutions for fashion, campus bookstores, home goods, outdoor sports, and automotive stores.

Qualtrics XM The Experience Management Platform is developed to help businesses improve customer experience and employee engagement with real-time data, insights, and AI-powered recommendations. Qualtrics’ retail experience management solution can monitor customer behaviors across all channels, identify opportunities, drive traffic to your store, target the best customer segments, and even test new promotional campaigns before to launch them.

the Selling power enables businesses to connect their marketing, sales, service, and IT data on a single platform and use it to deliver personalized customer experiences. With the company’s Retail CRM solution, users can drive the growth of their retail value chains, use insights to convert and retain customers, give associates the tools they need to improve business performance and promote cross-departmental collaboration.

Zen officeService-centric CRM provides SMBs, enterprises, and startups with the technology they need to improve their customer relationships and accelerate their growth. The company’s retail-centric solution can compile billing, preference and purchase history data and use it to create comprehensive shopper profiles. Retailers can use these profiles to provide seamless, personalized service and support to customers and keep them coming back to your retail or e-commerce store.

A global network of companies uses the Zoho CRM platform to convert leads, engage customers, increase revenue and improve their business. Retailers can benefit from Zoho CRM by using its sales, marketing, support and inventory management solutions to optimize their retail and supply chain operations. Other retail-specific features include customizable user interfaces, easy integrations with other Zoho apps, built-in AI capabilities, and mobile app functionality.

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