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The 5 Key Benefits of White Label ERP Software Solutions

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled some of the key benefits of white label ERP solutions, describes what makes them different from open-source ERP solutions, and clarified the role that these solutions can play in ERP consulting and development organizationanises.

White-label ERP solutions aren’t a new idea, but they’re just starting to find their way as a real option for ERP resellers, system integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs). White-label ERP solutions occupy a unique space between creating/updating your own ERP solution from scratch, using DIY and open-source software solutions, or selecting to resell a ready-made ERP solution. ready to use and fully packaged. They are developed by one company but sold by another and provided without any branding, allowing the buying company to brand and customize the solution to suit their needs and increase their brand positioning.

However, the difference between white label solutions and open source solutions can become blurry, especially for companies unfamiliar with the ERP resale market. To help clear things up, the editors of Solutions Review have teamed up with ERP GenetiQ to explain the differences between white label and open source and outline five of the key benefits of white label ERP solutions.

White label vs open-source: is there a difference?

According to GenetiQ ERP, a white label and an open source ERP software solution are totally different offerings. Think of open source software like building a Lego set without instructions. With White Label ERP solutions, you get the training and a hand and if you want to modify the result to help your LEGO creation stand out, you also get help there.

Open source solutions are inexpensive but have limited advice and ongoing support structures, which means the potential risk is much higher. On the other hand, white label ERP solutions are developed, tried and tested, and fully supported by white label ERP vendor. And strong partnerships are established to ensure that not only can the branding be customized for the partner, but each user can customize the solution to meet language and industry/customer specific accommodations.

For ERP software vendors, system integrators, or resellers, a white label ERP solution can deliver the next version of their ERP software (e.g., browser ERP) without requiring them to invest in the resources needed to build it from scratch or resell a global ERP product in an already competitive reseller landscape.

With those clarifications, let’s explore some of the benefits of white label ERP solutions, as determined by GenetiQ ERP.

The main advantages of white label ERP solutions

Technical architecture

White-label ERP solutions are built on modern, proven technical architectures, making it easier for ISVs and ISVs to feel confident that the software they’re investing in is a reliable and scalable product. In addition to its modern technology stack, white label ERP solutions also offer multiple user interfaces, deployment options, and licensing models.

Client experience

White mark ERP solutions are developed to enable optimization for specific markets and verticals. Partners have direct access to ongoing development resources from white-label ERP HQ and receive a comprehensive developer toolkit to enable their development team to extend and augment the solution for specific customer needs. The no-code customization toolkit found in GenetiQ ERP goes even further by allowing consultants to adjust the solution according to on-site customer demands without sacrificing the basic architecture already in place. These features allow resellers and ISVs to easily modify the out-of-the-box white label ERP solution to provide their customers with tailored solutions. on site, thus enriching their service offer.

Fastest to market

If there is already a white label ERP solution on the market that widely adapts to the needs of your business and those of your customers, no need to reinvent the wheel. This means that you don’t waste time and money producing the best software solution when there is already one on the market that you can rebrand for your business. You get to sell a quality product and associate the product with your business. The extra months (or even years) it would take you to develop your solution can force your customers to look elsewhere for answers. You avoid that with a pre-packaged solution that meets their needs immediately.


open-source ERP solutions offer limited partner support. White label ERP companies like GenetiQ ERP operates a “boutique” type partner program to ensure that two partners do not compete with each other. The limited number of companies allowed in the white-label ERP partner community fosters deep collaboration, innovation, and learning.

High operational reliability

White-label ERP software carries much lower risks. Availability and consistent functionality are sellers’ responsibilities. They are also responsible for the maintenance, development and updating of the system and the protection and security of data. Learn more about White Label solutions with GenetiQ ERPs are free White label ERP: the future of the industry report.

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