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The best customer service software solutions for 2022

What The Ascent Looks For In Great Customer Service Software

So many elements make up a great customer service platform, but these three distinct features can make or break these tools. We always look for these three main features at The Ascent when reviewing any customer service app.

Ticket management

This is the absolute basic requirement for any customer service software. If you can’t create, manage, track, and resolve issues within the platform, is it designed for customer service?

While some platforms offer ticket management systems, others go above and beyond to find simpler and more efficient ways to manage tickets. Some examples: through color coding, providing support resources in tickets, or connecting tickets to their live chat system.

Knowledge base management

Knowledge bases are the perfect way to provide answers to the technical questions that your customers ask you. Your brain isn’t a giant encyclopedia, so a knowledge base is the perfect way to point your customers in the right direction so they can solve their problems with step-by-step instructions.

The best customer service software options allow direct access to your knowledge base within the customer ticket itself so you can quickly grab the answers you need.

Self-service portals

What happens when your customer support team leaves for the day? Problems don’t stop just because your team is overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to offer a self-service portal.

This way, your customers can find the solutions they need when your team isn’t available or the problem is simple and doesn’t require human intervention.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Using Customer Service Software

There are few downsides to using customer service software and many other upsides. These are the top three benefits your business will see when adopting a new customer service software solution.

Improved customer relations

Excellent customer service platforms give you the tools and capabilities to deliver quality customer service and build a satisfied user base.

No one expects your products and services to work 100%, but if something goes wrong, a quick and correct response is the perfect way to maintain and improve customer relationships.

Improved accuracy in problem solving

Imagine going to your local auto mechanic and telling them the problem with your vehicle. They didn’t write anything down or take notes about the situation, but a few hours later they tell you that they solved an unrelated problem because they forgot what you said.

This is what customer service would look like without a structured system in place to handle issues. Customer service software provides this structure so your team can resolve the right issues quickly and accurately.

Centralized record of past issues

It’s always good to keep track of any issues with your customers. This way you can go back and refer if a customer has issues with a solution you provided. Customer service software maintains and stores records in an easily searchable database.