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Trimble Announces Release of Tekla 2021 Structural BIM Software Solutions

Tekla Structures 2021 introduces three new subscription options, which can reduce initial investment and provide the flexibility to balance licensing requirements with an annual subscription to software solutions. With flexible subscription options, users can choose the right Tekla Structures subscription according to their needs:

  • Carbon: to visualize models and collaborate with project stakeholders
  • Graphite: to create constructible and intelligent BIM and structural documentation
  • diamond: for design, details and manufacturing

The latest version of Tekla Structures also offers enhancements, enhancements and new features that simplify the user experience for more efficient workflows, increased productivity and collaboration between project teams, including:

  • Simplified change management with improved clash detection and cloning tools
  • Improved usability with in-product guidance and localization
  • Faster, more accurate modeling with drawing and object handling improvements, and new extensions for various modeling tasks, including scaffold modeling
  • Increased interoperability with enhancements for IFC and other formats, deeper integration with Trimble Connect Tekla Model Sharing collaboration platform and continuous improvements

Tekla Structural Designer 2021 Structural analysis and design software introduces “design-to-detail workflow” for more efficient cast-in-place reinforced concrete modeling and rebar transfer, including slabs, foundations, beams, columns and walls, to Tekla Structures. A new carbon calculator makes it possible to understand the intrinsic carbon impact of a structure during design and to compare alternative schemes to identify the most efficient, sustainable and affordable option.

Tekla Tedds 2021 Structural analysis and design calculation software offers new and improved calculations, including base plate, precast hollow core slab, concrete foundation, and timber shelving loads, to satisfy multiple design codes.

Tekla Power Fab 2021 Steel fabrication management software provides visual dashboard reports, enhanced options for filtering and organizing data, and continuous enhancements for automated machine instruction in the shop. Plus, extensive integration with Viewpoint’s ViewpointOne The connected construction management suite streamlines the flow of purchasing and inventory data from Tekla PowerFab to Viewpoint for North American users.


To learn more and download Tekla 2021 versions, visit:

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