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What are YOUR kids doing online? 3 parental control software solutions

The internet has it all. Good and bad.

Parents today find it harder than ever to protect their children from the crazy world around them. It is not an easy task.

Technology and the ends of the earth are now at your fingertips – and that’s great. But it’s not all math games and unicorns and that can come at a cost.

Young people today have a level of access to the world that was almost unimaginable when we were young. The ability to communicate freely with individuals anywhere on earth creates its own problems – and some parents wish to monitor their child’s behavior on the Internet.

The good news is that there have never been more parental monitoring tools available than there are today.

We’ll go over a few we’ve checked out that might be just what you need.


Qustodio has set the bar high when it comes to parental controls. I literally can’t think of a feature that this software is missing. It’s all there, and all the features are relatively easy to understand.

In a world where everyone uses multiple devices, this is arguably one of the best ways to examine what your child is doing online. An online dashboard provides access to full control, but its associated mobile apps also offer substantial power. This means you can keep tabs on everything you’re in the living room or office.

Qustodio has one of the highest prices among parental control services, but it’s well worth the investment if you need it. The plans cover 5 to 15 devices (the device limit being its main weakness) and range from $55 to $138 for the year. If that’s out of your reach, they offer a free version.

Norton Family

Norton is a household name in the cybersecurity space, so we decided to check out their offering, Norton Family, as well. It offers full web filtering, geofencing and is available on unlimited devices.

Norton Family has an easy-to-use online dashboard that makes setup and configuration easy. The mobile app also makes it easy to monitor and adjust settings while you’re on the go.

The main downsides of Norton are lack of Mac support, social media monitoring, and inability to block apps and games on computers, but if you don’t have a Mac computer, it’s a decent alternative. to the other options. While there’s no free option, at just $50 per year for unlimited devices, it’s a small price for some peace of mind.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

In terms of value, Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the more affordable services, but don’t let the reasonable price fool you ($15/year – unlimited devices). It is a powerful monitoring tool.

If you have a large family, rest assured that there are no limits – you can have as many children as you want and not have to worry about draining it. Kaspersky has one of the most powerful web filters on the market and includes an excellent, highly customizable alert system.

The biggest downside is that there are some setting limitations when used on iOS and requires the use of specific browsers to monitor activity. The web interface isn’t the best, but it does the job well enough in the end.