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What should you look for in cloud storage software?

By: Administrator

Most businesses need some sort of cloud storage software solution, whether to facilitate work collaboration and file sharing or to improve security. But with thousands of cloud storage software options on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the “right” choice for your business.

So what exactly should you be looking for in cloud storage software?


First, take a look at the capacity offered by this company. Some cloud storage apps offer unlimited (or nearly unlimited) storage options. Some have a strict cap on what your team can upload. Some have a per-person cap, allocating a specific amount of storage space for each person on your team. You’ll want to do an assessment of your company’s storage needs, both current and future, and purchase an option that gives you all of this and more; it’s hard to predict what your storage needs will be in the future, especially if you’re growing, so it doesn’t hurt to have some extra wiggle room.

Backup and restore options

Any disaster recovery expert will tell you the importance of being able to save and restore your work. If your business is the target of a cyberattack and you lose your hard copies of files, can you easily recover them from a backup stored in the cloud? Does your cloud storage company of choice back up your data in multiple locations to avoid the possibility of losing that data in a natural disaster or cyberattack? What is their backup method? And what options do you have to restore previous storage states (in case, say, a disgruntled employee decides to delete all your data)?

Access facility

Is it easy for employees to access and use the app? If you want to use this cloud storage solution across your entire organization and get the most out of it, the app interface itself should be intuitive, with a positive user experience. Ideally, you will be able to access and use the application easily, wherever you are and whatever type of device you are using.

Collaboration tools

Do you expect to be able to collaborate on various files and projects hosted in the cloud? Some modern cloud storage solutions pride themselves on allowing users to easily comment, recommend changes, and even work side-by-side on a shared file while it’s in storage. You may need some, all, or none of these collaboration features. So keep an eye out for them when looking for the best solution.


Nearly 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. If your cloud storage solution isn’t properly secured, it could leave you unnecessarily vulnerable. Part of the security burden will fall on your organization and your employees; for example, you will need to choose strong passwords for the cloud storage solution that are not used for any other application. However, you’ll also want to make sure that the cloud storage company itself follows security best practices and constantly keeps up to date with the latest best practices.


Your cloud storage software isn’t the only application in your company’s arsenal. What else do you use and how well should these apps work together? Many of the best cloud storage solutions available today offer a flexible range of integrations, allowing you to tie together the functionality of your most important apps (and streamline your workflows in the process).

Updates and future

The cloud storage app might look great as you see it today, but what will it look like in a few years? Be sure to find a solution with a dedicated team of developers who are willing and able to add new features, expand its capabilities, and make security updates in the future.

Customer service

What happens if something goes wrong? When looking for the right solution, test the customer service team and see what your options are for help. You don’t want to be stuck in an emergency with no one to call and no one to help you.


Of course, you will also have to think about the cost. Your business may be working on a strict budget; if so, you might be forced to find the best product that is still affordable. Otherwise, you’ll need to carefully consider the cost and benefits of each application.

There is no perfect cloud storage software solution for every business. Some will come with a robust feature set but also cost more, while others will fit right into your budget but might not have everything you want. Consider your priorities carefully when making this decision and evaluate a wide range of options before finalizing it.